Prescott Arizona
About Us
Officers and Board Members

President - Joe Webster (ACCC Representative)
Past President - Joanne Brody
Vice President - George Lewis
Secretary - Jan King
Treasurer  & Membership -Dave Drost
Members at Large - Phil Ball & Calleah Neal
Program Chair - Frank Cuva
Field Trip Chair -  Al Crook
Competition Emcee -  Arlene Minuskin
Scoring and Tallying - Connie Barnett
Website Administrator - Dan Lenardon

Club Staff Participants

Digital Image Collector / Competitions -
Joe Webster & Dan Lenardon
Ribbons - Joanne Brody
Print Racks & Screen Carrier - Joe Webster
Tech Advisors -  Harold Minuskin
Laptop &
Projector - Joe Webster & Ray Waguespak
Notification Chair - Arlene Minuskin
Membership Dues are:
$20 per year - Individual
$30 per year - Couple
1/2 price after July - after November
credited towards the next year
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